Mezcal pechuga

What is mezcal de pechuga and its history? Mezcal pechuga is a traditional Mexican distillate that is made in a unique way, integrating fruits and a turkey or chicken or duck in its distillation process.

Its origin is related to the celebration of the Dia de muertos in Mexico and Oaxaca, where altars are set up with offerings that include fruits and foods enjoyed by the deceased. These fruits are then used in the elaboration of mezcal. And because of these unique qualities, this is why it is called mezcal de pechuga.

Mezcal de pechuga does not come from any maguey or agave, but is made from mezcal espadín, with pechuga and fruits.

How is mezcal de pechuga made?

How is mezcal de pechuga made? The process begins with the harvesting of fruits from the altar, which are cut into small pieces. A special pot is used to distill the agave espadín along with these fruits. Before adding them, the pot is filled with the liquid from the first distillation of the agave. The pot has a typical capacity of about 250 liters.

During distillation, a suspended turkey is placed on top of the still, which does not add flavor, but does give the mezcal a fattier texture.

It is important to control the temperature during distillation to guarantee the quality of the mezcal. The first liters distilled have a very high alcohol content. The mezcal is then passed through a coil and a cooling tank to condense.

mezcal de pechuga

Why it is called mezcal de pechuga?

Mezcal de pechuga is distinguished by its use of fruit and cinnamon, which gives it a characteristic flavor. It is related to Mexican tradition and culture, particularly the Dia de muertos.

Compared to other types of mezcal, mezcal de pechuga has a thicker body. In addition, because of its complicated elaboration to produce a single bottle, its price is usually high due to the appreciation of this type of mezcal. Mezcal de pechuga is a way to honor deceased loved ones and keep Mexican culture alive.

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How do you drink mezcal de pechuga?

Mezcal de pechuga is one of the most peculiar of all mezcals, so as mezcal lovers, it is important to pay close attention to its flavors and aromas.

Like any mezcal, you should drink it in small kisses and not sips, never drink it in one gulp, since mezcal is not drunk like that and a good mezcal pechuga will not be appreciated well.

Type of glass: The original or regional mezcal should be served in a small glass. This type of glass is adequate to better appreciate its qualities.

Resting before Consumption: It is important to let the mezcal rest for a while before drinking it. This allows its alcohol content to reach an adequate level for consumption, thus improving the tasting experience.

These recommendations are specific to mezcal de pechuga and are intended to enhance the unique characteristics of this traditional Mexican beverage.

Differences between mezcal pechuga and other mezcals

The key differences between a regular mezcal and a pechuga mezcal lie in the additional ingredients, the brewing process, texture and cultural significance.

Use of Fruits and Cinnamon: Pechuga mezcal incorporates fruits, usually obtained from Day of the Dead altars, and cinnamon in its distillation process. These ingredients give it unique flavors and aromas that are not present in regular mezcal.

Inclusion of turkey or turkey turkey: During the distillation of mezcal de pechuga, a turkey or turkey turkey is suspended in the upper part of the still. Although it does not add flavor directly, it does give the mezcal a richer, fattier texture.

Texture and Body: Due to the additional ingredients and the method of elaboration, the body of mezcal de pechuga tends to be thicker compared to a mezcal distilled only with maguey (agave) must.

Cultural and Traditional Relationship: Mezcal de pechuga has a strong relationship with the Day of the Dead festivity and the tradition of honoring deceased loved ones in Mexico, which gives it a particular cultural significance that regular mezcal does not possess.

The 5 Best Breast Mezcals

1- Mezcal montelobos pechuga

Montelobos Pechuga represents the essence of Mezcal Espadín, masterfully distilled for the third time with a unique inclusion: guajalote breast. This specialty is enriched with a careful selection of seasonal fruits and an exquisite blend of spices.

It is an authentic tribute to deep Oaxacan traditions, presented with a bold experimental touch. This mezcal not only celebrates the ingredients that make it festive, but also invites you on a sensory journey, marking each celebration with a distinctive character and unforgettable taste.

Appearance: Crystal clear with pearly sheen. Nose: Orange peel, pumpkin chutney and nutmeg. Palate: Tropical fruits, toasted almonds and maple honey.

2- Mezcal de pechuga Los Danzantes

Danzantes pechuga, with an alcohol content of 48%, is made from Maguey Espadín, selected from the fertile regions of the Valley and Sierra Norte of Oaxaca.

In its production process, a subway conical oven fed with white oak wood is used, and the milling is done by means of a stone mill pulled by the horse “Samson”. Natural fermentation is carried out for six days in wooden vats, using native yeasts.

Distillation is carried out in two stages in 250-liter copper stills, followed by a third distillation incorporating selected spices, regional seasonal fruits, and a ranch chicken breast, culminating in a Grana Cochinilla infusion that gives it a distinctive pomegranate red color.

Sensory notes include an intriguing aroma of anise and citrus, dominated by orange and tamarind, and a flavor that combines the freshness of orange zest and juicy lime juice.

3- Mezcal de pechuga guajolote Cordón Cerrado

Mezcal de pechuga de Cordón Cerrado is an exquisite creation that combines tradition and innovation in its distillation process. The first distillation phase is enriched with a selection of red fruits, providing subtle sweet notes and aromatic complexity.

The second distillation incorporates turkey breast, infusing the mezcal with a distinctive and robust character, while maintaining its fruity essence. This duality in the process not only enhances the flavor profile, but also ensures that the mezcal retains the strength and depth that characterize a good distillate.

4- Mezcal de pechuga premium Los Siete Misterios

Siete Misterios Pechuga stands out as an exceptional and scarce mezcal, a true treasure for connoisseurs. Produced by hand in limited batches, its availability is only 500 liters per year, which makes it a rarity in the world of mezcal.

This exquisite distillate is characterized by its traditional process, where each step is carried out with meticulous attention: from its grinding by hand to its triple distillation. During the latter process, a raw chicken breast is hung over the still, allowing the vapors to be subtly infused with the aromas and flavors of the chicken.

5- Mezcal pechuga de pato Cordón Cerrado

Mezcal Artesanal Distilled with Duck Breast presents its SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION, an exclusive collection of only 500 bottles labeled “PECHUGA 2020”. This unique mezcal is distinguished by its artisanal distillation with Duck Breast, enriched with the distinctive Chilhuacle Chile, originally from Oaxaca, and the tropical sweetness of Mango.

Reaching 44 proof, this mezcal offers a sublime balance between the soft and subtle touch of mango and the characteristic spiciness of the Chilhuacle Chile. This combination is masterfully enhanced by an aftertaste that reveals the rich, meaty notes of the duck breast, creating an unmistakably rich and rich taste.

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