Mezcal tepeztate

Tepeztate mezcal is made from a type of wild agave known by its common name “tepeztate” (or marmot agave), which is characterized by its slow growth, taking between 18 to 23 years to mature. This agave is distinguished by its large size, reaching a weight of 300 to 400 kilos.

Characteristics of tepeztate mezcal

The production of tepeztate mezcal is complex and challenging due to the particular characteristics of the agave, which include a low sugar content and the difficulty of harvesting and transporting it, as these agaves grow in mountainous areas that are difficult to access.

The flavor of tepeztate mezcal is distinctive, tending to be drier or slightly smoky, with notes that evoke vegetation and ripe fruit. Its artisanal production process and the relative scarcity of wild agave contribute to mezcal tepeztate being especially prized and often commanding a higher price.

What does tepeztate mean?

The Tepeztate maguey, belonging to the Agave Marmorata species, owes its name to the Nahuatl term “Tepetl”, which translates as mountain or hill. This name clearly alludes to its natural habitat, as the Tepeztate usually thrives on steep mountain slopes and cliffs, demonstrating its remarkable adaptation to challenging and elevated terrain.

mezcal tepeztate carreno

1 - Mezcal tepeztate carreño

Today, Carreño Tepeztate mezcal represents this exclusive type of mezcal in the best possible way. Carreño maintains the tradition and culture associated with tepeztate in its production, presenting it in a way that is exceptional in form and taste for connoisseurs of the mezcal world.

Tasting Tepeztate will be an impressive experience, especially if you have begun your exploration of mezcal with the more common varieties, such as Joven, Reposado, Añejo, etc.

CARREÑO Tepeztate, mezcal artesanal orgánico…
  • Agave Orgánico 100%
  • Proceso Artesanal
  • Ganador Medallas
  • Mujeres del mezcal
  • Denominación de Origen Mezcal

2 - Mezcal tepeztate avispon

The best representation of Tepeztate mezcal in the most economical, value-for-money version you can find on Amazon. Avispon offers an excellent mezcal to taste and savor.

Strictly elaborated with all the terms to obtain a quality tepeztate mezcal. Harvested and made in Oaxaca, Santa Maria Zoquitlan.

Avispon Mezcal Tepeztate
  • Mezcal 100% Artesanal
  • Cuenta con 47 Grados de Alcohol
  • Agave Silvestre Tepeztate
  • Destilado en Alambique de Barro y Cobre
  • Aromas Frutales y Notas de Té de Limón y Pimienta

3 - Mezcal tepeztate Aquí Nomás

Tepeztate ‘Aquí Nomás’ mezcal is distinguished by its smoothness and ideal alcohol content of 45 degrees, considered optimal for a quality mezcal. It has an intense but pleasant aftertaste, complemented by smoky and citrus notes. The price-quality ratio is excellent, making this mezcal a perfect choice to enjoy on its own. Personally, I enjoyed it with tuna and worm salt, a combination that resulted in a memorable experience.

AQUÍ NOMÁS | Mezcal Artesanal TEPEZTATE 24 AÑOS…
  • 🏅GANADOR – Categorizado como uno de los mejores mezcales de México por Mezcales EXTRAORDINARIOS 2023
  • 🌵MAGUEY RARO – Nuestro Tepextate es un mezcal artesanal hecho con agaves que tardan más de 20 años en madurar, creciendo de manera silvestre en pocos lugares de México. Esta rareza lo convierte en un destilado único e inigualable
  • 🎁 REGALA una experiencia inolvidable a tus seres queridos con nuestro Mezcal Artesanal de agave Tepextate, garantía de satisfacción para cualquier amante del mezcal
  • 👉RECOMENDACIÓN – Tomarlo solo para disfrutar de su sabor único y auténtico
  • 👅PERFIL – Notas frescas herbales, tierra mojada y flores del campo. Un mezcal perfectamente bien equilibrado con notas pronunciadas a plátano, raíces y chocolate. paladar suave con un equilibrio perfecto entre sabores dulces y amargos

4- Mezcal tepeztate Cordon Cerrado

Cordon Cerrado offers a luxury tepeztate mezcal, in any presentation you are looking for. To highlight its tepeztate, all the agaves harvested for its elaboration take 25 to 30 years.

In addition, it has been awarded as the best Tepeztate by “Gourmet Mexico”.

Mezcal Tepeztate Cordón Cerrado 30 años
  • Ganador Mejor Tepeztate por Gourmet Mexico
  • Agave Silvestre tarda en crecer de 25 a 30 años
  • Producido en Oaxaca México
  • Mezcal Artesanal con notas a pimientas, especias, picosas en nariz, sabor y aroma fuerte, caracteristico del agave
  • Recomendado para paladares exigentes y educados

5 - Mezcal tepeztate tumba VII

The production of this artisanal mezcal begins with the selection of mature agaves between 20 and 35 years old, harvested from rocky soils. Using traditional methods, the agaves are cooked in stone ovens with mesquite and oak wood, ground with stone mills pulled by animals, and then fermented.

The process concludes with a double distillation that ensures the purity and exceptional quality of our mezcal, deeply respecting ancestral traditions.

TUMBA VII | Mezcal Silvestre Tepextate 48º Grados…
  • ✅ 100% AGAVE TEPEZTATE: Se elabora exclusivamente a partir del agave Tepeztate, una especie silvestre de agave que crece en zonas áridas y montañosas
  • ✅ SABOR COMPLEJO: Tiene un sabor complejo y sofisticado con notas ahumadas, terrosas y herbales, con toques de frutas tropicales.
  • ✅ PROCESO TRADICIONAL: La producción se lleva a cabo de manera artesanal, con métodos tradicionales que involucran la cocción en hornos de tierra y la fermentación en tinas de madera.
  • ✅ ORIGEN REGIONAL: Es originario de regiones específicas de México, como Oaxaca, y se considera una bebida con fuertes raíces culturales.
  • ✅ RIQUEZA CULTURAL: El mezcal silvestre Tepeztate es un producto que refleja la diversidad y la herencia cultural de las comunidades locales que lo producimos, promoviendo la sostenibilidad y la preservación de tradiciones ancestrales.

Mezcal tepeztate

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